The Western Idaho Fair, yeehaw!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Such a pretty sight. I stole this shot from Natalia's Instagram (@all_these_things).

We squeezed in a carousel ride right before we left for the day. This was after 11pm, and the kids were still going strong!

I never play games at the fair. Am I missing out? I just can't bear to hand over money for such dinky little games. Also, it reminds me of Las Vegas, all these hopeful people betting on winning, though most of them never do.

My one ride of the night. Ben needed an adult to ride this with him, so we spun and rattled around on this together all in the name of saying we did. :)

When we arrived, Natalia was on the ferris wheel with Noah and Olivia.

Yes, he looks exhausted, but at least he came.

Can't believe I haven't posted photos of the fair yet! I was trying to figure out how I'm going to keep a baby happy all day in the chaos and heat that is the fair, and then my sister volunteered to help me. She took the older three kids in the early afternoon, and B and I showed up late that evening as the last of the light was fading for the day. The older kids got to ride to their hearts' content all day long, Noah had buddies to enjoy the fair with, and B, I, and Naomi got just enough of the fair to satisfy us.


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