Four weeks makes a big difference

Monday, September 30, 2013

There is a four-week difference between the pool pictures and the bed pictures below them. I guess it's kind of hard to tell the differences in her in pictures, but this little girl is getting further and further away from being little. She's growing out of her clothes by the week, and I can barely keep up and keep her clothed! Her eyes are losing that tiny baby puffiness, and she weighs 17 pounds now. I think she was about 13 pounds in the first photos. The best thing about the last week or so is how she focuses on things around her instead of being completely oblivious. She's also focusing on her hands with her eyes and moving them deliberately to where she wants them to go instead of flailing around randomly. She is holding toys now, and needs to touch things that are around her. It's so fun to see her blossom like that, like a flower opening to the sun. I love it!



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