Two months

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I am obviously really, really biased towards this little babe, but I just love every picture of her. I couldn't figure out which ones to leave out and which to I decided to be on the safe side and include lots. :) Naomi is changing before our eyes. She has gotten some fat under her skin and her neck rolls are overlapping nicely. Ha ha! She is feeling more solid in my arms, less fragile and wobbly. She gives the biggest, sweetest smiles all the time now, especially when she wakes up and first sees me. Those smiles melt my heart. She weighs about 12 pounds. The minute I start tucking her burp cloth under her chin, she knows she's about to be fed and instantly stops crying. It's amazing how quickly she learned this. She naps for 3-5 hours straight, which is amaaazing! She loves sleeping in her swing, and she still has a love/hate relationship with her pacifier. She talks back when we talk to her with lots of aaaahs and oooohs.

Here's to the last two months! And here's to many more wonderful ones!



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