This girl is five!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My 'baby' is school age now, and my head spins when I think about how the time has flown. Olivia is our  little sweetheart, always trying to hug, cuddle, and kiss someone. One hug and kiss at bedtime is not enough, she needs two. She acts like she doesn't remember the first one so I'll give her a second one. She takes her time in everything, and when she talks, she often says, "just a minute, I'm thinking" after getting my attention. It doesn't occur to her to think before she speaks, but that's how she rolls. She is a chatterbox, and repeats what everyone says in the form of a question. Someone: "She was swinging so high that her feet almost touched the sky and she thought she could stand on the moon." Olivia: "She was swinging so high that her feet almost touched the sky and she thought she could stand on the moon?" Ha ha ha!

I threw our princess a little party with just her two best friends. We played at the splash park, went home for pizza, cake, and presents, and then headed out again to the aquarium. It was a long day, especially since I barely slept the night before, but it was good. I didn't feel like I was losing all control like I've felt at other parties I've thrown with like 30 kids attending. I could still take care of Naomi and Olivia actually loved her special day.

The party was animal themed, so I just put out little plastic animals on the table and I put dinosaurs in plastic eggs and Swedish fish in their favor baggies. And we went to the aquarium to look at the fishies. Those little bowls were full of ice cream toppings because we were going to make our own ice cream, but we ran out of time.

Punching balloons, balloon rockets, Spree, Swedish fish, and dinosaurs, all tied with a sucker. The best I could do running around the store the night before for the animal theme. ;)

The yogurt almond cake was supposed to have a ring of raspberries along the edge, but they all slid off in the fridge. It was not a pretty sight when I opened the fridge to check on it. So my frosting got all messed up--bummer. It still tasted heavenly, however.

Olivia doing what she does best. And I love how our skin color is exactly the same here--paler than pale--and we are the only two in the family that burn super easy in the sun.

She got everything she wanted. Lucky girl.

I cannot believe how much she wanted me to get her fake nails. She was obsessed with them for almost a year, ever since Mila got some for her birthday last fall. I said maybe she could get some for her birthday, thinking she'd forget about them by then. Well, she didn't, and she kept saying she knew she'd get some as her birthday approached. How could I NOT buy them for her? She seems to be the girly girl in the family.

The aquarium was so much fun, but Ben probably had the most! It was his first time there, and he was just so excited about every new thing he saw. It was the sweetest. We petted sharks and rays, starfish and anemones. Olivia was so scared to pet the rays as they swam by, but she totally overcame her fear and did it! Those moments are so fun to see as a mom.

Happy birthday, Olivia! I thank God for you every day!



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