Pushing thirty for real

Monday, August 12, 2013

My 29th birthday was a couple weeks ago, and it was suuuuch a good one. I felt so loved and special all weekend. It feels good to be shown appreciation and be acknowledged for everything you do for your family, you know? I definitely soaked it up! It was my last birthday in my twenties, so I guess it had to be good!

I ordered a new coffee table online, and it arrived a couple days before my birthday. I came home to it standing in front of my door, and B was working late into the night, so I dragged it in and put the table together myself. It is beautiful! It's made of re-purposed wood that has a beautiful aged color and a perfect modern shape. Just what I was looking for, though I didn't know it. It feels good to finally have found something, because I've been looking for years and have never seen something I loved that was in my price range.

On Saturday we had a slow, relaxing day at home, which felt really good. Then my mom watched all three kids for the first time so we could go out to dinner. I ordered a delicious sandwich that had bacon, mozzarella, tomato, avocado, and basil pesto in it. It was served with rosemary Parmesan fries, which were out of this world. The sandwich was good, though I don't like my bacon sweet, but the fries were something else. Mmmmm...

I woke up Sunday (on my birthday) and B was gone, so I figured I was getting Starbucks. He soon walked in the door with Starbucks, a scone, flowers, Snickers, and a card. I had been craving a Snickers bar and requested it for my birthday, and it was so sweet of him to oblige. It's the little things that matter the most sometimes, just knowing that your partner is there and is listening. We went to church, joined family for dinner afterwards, and headed to the lake to celebrate my big day. It was peaceful and refreshing to be outside and in nature, and I am definitely going to get out more. It just made me feel grounded and grateful for my family playing in front of me in the sand and water.

The next day the fun continued because my mom and sister prepared a delicious birthday dinner for me, so I got to blow out some birthday candles and eat some delicious food I didn't have to make. It was a last-minute thing, but they pulled it off, and it was a nice surprise. They definitely went above and beyond.

I am a blessed woman, and I know it. I am going to make this year be the best yet, and soak up every good thing life has to offer. I know God hears my prayers, knows my heart better than anyone, and He will provide and He will bless.



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