Olivia's haircut

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Olivia got a new haircut, courtesy of moi, and just in time for school, too! This girl has been begging me to cut her hair for too long, so I finally fulfilled her request. I selfishly wouldn't let her cut it for a while because it had just grown out enough to call it long, and it was just so pretty on her. She's our blondest child, and has the most beautiful natural highlights I've ever seen. I enjoyed it long for a while, but even I got tired of dealing with all her tangles and her not wanting to brush her hair. This short cut is so easy now! Olivia loves it! It's not perfectly straight in the last photos, and I've since straightened it up, so it's even a little shorter. After Mila saw Olivia's new hairdo, she let me cut more than two inches off of her hair, so I ended up giving Mila a nice 5-6-inch trim as well.


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