Birthday weekend

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We have been having the best weekends. Weekends are definitely my favorite. If I've been stuck at home for a few days, it is so stinkin' good to get out of the house and see something different. And when B is home, it feels like everything is right. It also helps that I get an extra pair of hands and another authority figure to back me up and help me out if I need it, and I feel myself relax once the weekend hits. We definitely bicker and fight every once in a while just until we find our equilibrium, since B and I haven't seen much of each other during the week. So it's not all bliss, but I'll take it! Even if we fight, we always make up, vow to be better, and move on.

This particular weekend we got to take the kids to see Despicable Me 2 and got to celebrate our neice Adele's first birthday and her brother Noah's fourth birthday. Adele is the sweetest baby, and I love that she knows me well and always wants me to hold her when she sees me. So sweet. And Noah is so full of energy and spunk, and has the best imagination. I'm so glad my sister and I live five minutes apart and get to raise our kiddos together. It's the best.

The chocolate cake is Noah's birthday cake, and the strawberry one is Adele's. I made Adele a pipe cleaner crown for the party, but I actually didn't get one decent picture of her at all. Olivia is wearing it in one of the pictures above. It was a good day.



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