March on my phone

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I never got to post my March photos yet, so I thought I'd get them up real quick before I do April. I just like to be consistent and have every month documented, even though I've been a bad, bad blogger lately...too bad I'm too old to be standing in time out now. :) Being a grownup is hard sometimes, but at least I can do whatever I want whenever I want, right? ;)

March started out with my baby shower (seems so long ago now) and ended with Easter and lots of sunshine coming our way, so all in all, a good month. It felt good to see green again after a long, cold winter, and it's always so refreshing when we can start spending more time outside. I'm looking forward to summer now, though I know it's going to fly right by and I'll just have some photos at the end of it to remind myself it happened.

1. Selfie in the mirror 2. Mushroom favors--the cutest 3. Adele's new expression 4. Zoo trip 5. Sisters 6. B helping me out with some laundry. 7. Breakfast date with a friend. 8. These little chefs love to bake. 9. Olivia's people 10. Organizing is my favorite these days. 11. Favorite treats 12. Enjoying the new waffle maker. 13. Marbled eggs 14. Using the trampoline again. 15. Out for lunch. 16. Donuts and balloons 17. Olivia 18. Belly on the couch. 19. Ready to hunt eggs. 20. Second hunt of the day--way better than the first was. 21. Gotta open each egg to see what's inside. 22. Happy Easter!



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