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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1. Found my crew playing basketball when I woke from a nap. 2. Except her, who was enjoying the playground. 3. Pita bread was a success! 4. Delicious king's cake from Natasha's Kitchen. 5 & 6. Shaving cream fun. 7. Mila's favorite jeans. That girl loves jeans, just like me. 8. Baby in the bassinet. 9. Blue skies 10. Soccer practice 11. Table settting 12. Brunch with friends 13. Dinner 14. French toast and strawberries 15. New hedgehogs at our house. 16. Park 17. I finished War and Peace!! 18. Burgers 19. Croque madame--the best. 20. Girls' breakfast 21. Weekending with my other half. 22. Lots of doctor visits lately.

This month was a good one, with lots of fun outdoors and some fun indoors as well. We've had beautiful weather, and it's only getting better. The forecast says we'll hit the 90s on Saturday. I had a lot of energy in April still (so much has changed since then), and my belly wasn't big enough yet to really weigh me down, so it was a good month to get lots done around the house. I kind of feel like I'm moving, except everything I organize and weed through gets put back on the shelves instead of in boxes. It feels like I'm getting a fresh start in my life in a lot of ways, and without going into too much detail about it all, I'm happy with the changes I'm seeing. My sister and I finally had our garage sale this past weekend, and though it was pretty hard on me to get things ready for it at 38 weeks pregnant, I'm so glad to be rid of all the clutter, and I made some good money too.

We are at soccer practice four nights a  week these days, which makes it that much harder to get dinner on the table in a timely manner. That has always been my struggle. Evenings tend to fly by, and before I know it it's time to eat, not time to start cooking. I am constantly working on this, but I'm also looking forward to the end of the soccer season so my evenings are freer. Ben's last game is this Saturday and Mila's is the one after that. Which is also my due date, so I don't know if I'm going to be there or not. :( I missed out on a fun field trip Ben took to the state penitentiary and a museum, and I'm going to miss his 4th grade rendezvous field trip as well because it's the day before I'm due. I did rendezvous in 4th grade when we just moved to Idaho, and I would love to see his version of it. It was so fun! I am also not up for going to the zoo with Olivia's class next week, which makes me sad. I've just not been involved in her class or Mila's kindergarten class as much as I was last year with Mila in preschool, and next year isn't going to be any better in that regard. I will definitely be busy at home!

I have had constant contractions for the last couple days and my doctor told me yesterday that my cervix is ready, we're just waiting on contractions to get things going. I'm usually late going into labor, but I'm thinking maybe this time I will be a bit earlier. The contractions are just so constant and never stop anymore, day or night, that I'm thinking something might be up. I'm finishing packing my hospital bag today and going to try to get some things done around the house just in case.



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