The girlies' room

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I got some pictures of the girls' room the other day, though I've been so disappointed with my camera lately. It's been taking really blurry pictures no matter what focusing setting I try. At first I thought I was imaging it, or that I had it set on some weird settings, but lately I've realized it really is taking horrible pictures and it's not me. Once Easter is over I'm taking it in to see what's going on, and hopefully it will be an easy fix and I can start taking decent pictures again.

So the room is basically done. That big pink dresser is just too big for the space, but it's staying for now, though, and we really do need the storage space. The only thing that's not working is there's just no room for the girls' books. I have them in the closet right now, but they're too high for Olivia to reach easily and too hard for her to get down. I may just get that bookcase I was talking about and store their books in the play room.

I haven't found the perfect curtains yet, so that part isn't quite done yet, and I don't love the duvet covers either, but I didn't want to rush into spending money on bedding that I didn't absolutely love. I thrifted both of these Ikea duvet covers a while back and was thinking of giving one away, when I realized it'd be a good way to tie the two beds together to put one on each bed. I learned how to make some button holes and added some buttons to the bottom to stop the comforters from sliding out, and we were good to go! I just love those beds--they are my favorite. One is vintage and one is Pottery Barn, and I don't mind that they're different. I love the eclectic look that's going on in here!

I put up a couple Ikea shelves on the wall and displayed some of the girls' things on them. That pretty strand of lights came all the way form Thailand, and was gifted to Mila by my sister and brother-in-law when they got back from their six-month honeymoon around the world. I received the Oliver Jeffers book at my baby shower, but I love them in the girls' room for now. I got the zebra rug out of storage and gave it a good scrubbing in the bathtub (it used to be in Olivia's nursery when she was a baby) and it's as good as new now.

The needlepoint of Holland came from an antique store we stopped at on a road trip to Washington, the little floral painting was thrifted, as was the ceramic bird, and the apple poster is from the Fine Little Day shop.

Olivia's friends...

...and Mila's friends.

I found that vintage music box on Etsy for Mila's birthday last year. The three little girls spin as they rotate around the castle when the music plays. The Hello Kitty bank holds all of Mila's Squinkies and Zinkies.

Don't you just love how Mila's coach spelled her last name on her trophy (it's supposed to say Martsenyuk)? How many consonants is that in a row? Ha ha! She was so excited to get it, and it was rather disappointing that they couldn't get her name right. Now I think it's kind of funny, but I wasn't laughing at first! Oh, and their team name was the lightning sharks. Do those even exist?



Julia and Yuriy said...

So sweet!! Love all the patterns. You've always been so good with color. I want those polka dot sheets.

Tanya said...

Thanks, Juls. I want those sheets too! Except they don't come in king.

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