Saturday, March 30, 2013

One of our favorite Easter traditions--dyeing Easter eggs. It's not Easter if there are no eggs on the counter. This year we waited until a week before Easter, which is pretty good for us, considering last year we had about a month to go still. This year we marbled our eggs. We added olive oil to each cup, which left white spots on the eggs during their first dunk. We let them dry, then picked a different color for the second coat for a cool marbled effect. They actually look like they have three colors and are so pretty!

Aren't they pretty? We ended up with three cracked eggs during boiling, so we got only nine eggs out of the whole thing. I have the cups of dye still, so maybe more eggs will be in order tomorrow?

We're doing a neighborhood egg hunt tomorrow and then another one at my parents' house later on, and I'm looking forward to enjoying some Easter candy from the kids' baskets. :)



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