Last weekend was a good one

Friday, March 22, 2013

Well, we ended up making it to the zoo last weekend after all, and it was a wonderful day spent with my little family and my sister's family as well. It started off with an early morning soccer game of Ben's, which was actually really relaxing for me. I don't get to be out in the fresh air as much as I would like, so it was refreshing sitting there wrapped up in a blanket, sipping my latte, watching the boys do their thing. Mila and Olivia had actually spent the night at their cousin Noah's house, so I headed over there to pick them up and got treated to breakfast as well. Bonus!

Then we all headed to the zoo, which the kids loved, especially since we hadn't been in a while. Olivia talked about the monkeys afterwards, which were probably a highlight for them. We even saw two monkeys hugging, which was a first for all of us and so sweet to witness. One of them just came over to the other one in the enclosure and wrapped its arms around it. And we all oohed and aaawed... :)

It seems I ended up with a lot of pictures of the guys standing around with the kids. Typical, since the moms are usually behind the cameras or helping one of the kids with something. B ended up really enjoying himself, which was nice, and that guy needs to destress when he's home on the weekends anyway, so it was perfect. We ended the day with a stop at Lulu's Pizza, which serves the best pizza in town, hands down. If you're planning on going, try the Athenian--it's mouthwatering. And get a side of their homemade ranch, or one of their enormous salads, and you'll be in heaven. By the time the food came I forgot all about my camera, so I just got a couple shots of the kids at the table. Looks like my priorities are skewed towards feeding myself over this blogging thing!



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