It was a good day

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I still can't believe this baby shower! My sweet sisters threw it for me, even though this is my fourth baby, and they did it from two separate states. Julia came to town the night before the party and Natalia has two little kiddos keeping her busy, and they still managed to pull this beautiful party off! Everything was basically perfect, and I enjoyed looking over every last detail when I arrived. I was pretty mesmerized! I have amazing sisters with amazing taste who are not afraid to get their hands dirty to put something lovely together, and I love them for it!

The party had a woodland theme with lots of natural wood, moss, forest animals, and mushrooms, which was so insanely perfect (I have always had a soft spot for mushrooms). There were macarons, a beautiful meringue mushroom cake, and my mom's famous berry cake, just to name a few things on that glorious dessert table. The favors were little cookie mushrooms with chocolate tops--almost too cute to eat. I even got to keep the print above featuring Julia's painting/graphic design skills, which will be on the nursery wall soon.

We snuck outside before it got dark for some family pictures with my baby belly (and now I see the water retention starting...dang it!). B and Ben stopped by before Ben's soccer game and got to enjoy the party for a bit as well, which was nice. It was really fun having the girls with me all night as well. It was my first baby shower where my kids are old enough to care and even understand what's going on. All three of the kids are just so excited about this baby!

I feel like I'm really close to being ready for this baby with all the wonderful gifts I recieved. I went out and bought a baby bassinet last week, I got the coolest vintage high chair I have ever seen from my sis, and I have plenty of time to get a bouncer and walker and all that good stuff because you don't need those things until later. The baby will be sleeping in my room for the first six months or so, so the nursery doesn't really have to be done when the baby arrives. Once I settle on a stroller and high chair, I will be set for this little miracle to arrive!



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