Sunday, March 31, 2013

I meant to wish you all a very happy Easter this morning when I was up bright and early with some insomnia, but I spent my time wisely by blogging a bit, making origami bunnies on youTube, watching hair tutorials, and enjoying some paska (traditional Ukrainian Easter bread with raisins) with milk. Yup, it was a very productive morning. Then I ran out of time and had to get ready for church, but here I am, back at it before the clock strikes midnight! :)

I hope everyone's Easter was amazing, and judging from what I saw on Instagram today, everyone was all dolled up in their fancy spring clothes in every pretty shade of pastel and they all looked so festive! We enjoyed Easter with my in-laws after church, then headed home for a nap (just me, cause I couldn't take it anymore), then a walk to the kids' school for some basketball and playground time, and then another Easter egg hunt indoors to cap off the weekend. I still can't believe how much candy my kids consumed over the last two days. It is kind of blowing my mind. They are insatiable! :)

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Sarah @ said...

LOL I feel like every holiday is an exercise in being amazed at how much candy a tiny person can consume! =P

Tanya said...

It actually kind of is, I agree! I have had to cut back on buying so much over the years because we can never eat it all.

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