We have snow

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We've had lots of snow this year, so the kids can't complain that we barely saw snow like they did last year. Other years we'd have to go to the mountains to see some, but this year the snow came to us! Last week was an especially snowy week and it's been so cold this week that even the snow on the roads has had a hard time melting. It just accumulates every time it comes down because it's freezing outside! Frankly I'm tired of the snowy driveway and the snowy drive to school, but the kids are sure enjoying it. Their favorite thing is to build little hills in the yard to sled off of.

 Ben is enjoying the white world while making a snow angel.

No eating!

Oh, Olivia, Olivia. She came outside because the others were so excited about getting out there, then stands there completely unimpressed by all the snow. This girl's favorite thing is to sigh like an old lady, hunching her shoulders and everything. She even closes her eyes for effect, as if the burden of the world is just too much for her to bear. I had to get her started playing in the snow because she was about to go in two minutes after she came out!

Laying in the snow is the best, especially when the snow is still falling. This boy loves snow!

I got her to smile!

Mila is obsessed with shoveling, and she will stay outside even as it's getting dark and insanely cold and shovel away to her heart's content. I love that she is so active and doesn't shy away from being physical at all. It's time to get another shovel, though, so she and Ben can stop fighting about who's turn it is. Not kidding. I found Olivia's little garden shovel and she got to work as well and miraculously didn't go inside. :)

Check out her 'big smile' on the right. The minute she sees I'm taking pictures of her, Olivia will stand and pose with a perfect little smile on her face. It's hard to get a good candid shot of her because of it, but I sure get lots of cute poses! Then, as I click away, her smile gets toothier and toothier until she's not smiling anymore but grimacing. Ha ha!



Julia and Yuriy said...

Lucky!!!! This looks like so much fun. Cute photos!

Tanya said...

Thanks, Juls.

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