One of my faves

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have been enjoying catching up on Hilda Grahnat's blog this morning. I have come away with two things 1) a strong desire to get up, leave town, and go explore somewhere new and 2) take better pictures. My goodness, she has some beautiful photos on her blog! Hilda lives in Norway and is known (in my mind) for her food shots and her apartment shots of all her retro treasures. She is always buying cool new things at flea markets, and putting them together in artful ways in her apartment. Her subject matter and the way she frames photos are really interesting, whether they're shots of her friends, her food, or somewhere out in nature. It's nice when a photographer stays true to themselves and their style no matter what they're shooting. I thought I'd share some of her photos with you today.

Hilda, you make me want to be better at everything it seems--home decor, photography, getting out of this house and actually seeing something every once in a while, and having more adventures with friends. Hope this new year brings me all of that and more. :)



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