The sledding trio

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

There's a neat hill in our neighborhood that is kind of perfect for sledding, and with all the snow we've had this year and the cold temperatures, the snow is sticking around. My mom took the girls sledding there one day since it's right by her house, so I took a cue from her and took all three of them the next day as the sun was beginning to set. I froze my behind off, and sat out the last ten minutes in the car, but the kids had a blast. Ben is all about speed and recklessness, preferring to go down on his knees and catching as much air as possible. I am always warning him and this or that, and it makes me feel like a grandma. Mila loves the bump at the bottom as well, but she's always safely on her butt. Olivia, however...she probably loved sitting around on the snow and rolling down the hill more than the tubing part. :)

I'm glad we're able to get out a lot this year to enjoy this snowy, snowy winter we're having. Except that my coats won't button, but that's a whole other story! We're heading to the mountains this weekend for the McCall Winter Festival for more winter festivities, and I'm just hoping I don't turn into an icicle by the time it's all over.



Julia and Yuriy said...

Your kiddos are so lucky to have a photographing mama like you. These will be so great to look at 10 years from now.

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