My handmade gifts this year

Friday, January 4, 2013

I actually had the time and opportunity to hand make a lot of Christmas gifts this year, which makes me so happy. I am still a very beginning sewer, so I made mistakes and the things I made aren't perfect, but I'm okay with that. I have to tell myself practice is the only way I'll get better, and it's okay if there are imperfections. I'm getting more and more confident behind my sewing machine, and maybe one of these days I'll surprise myself and make a skirt for one of the girls.

1. Some fabric I pulled out of my stash--some new, some vintage.
2. I made two long dogs and a Mabel doll from Junecraft this year.
3. This bib is part of my online sewing class I bought through Rachel Denbow. I had so much fun with the quilting part, but the bias tape really threw me for a loop. It kept bunching under my needle until the fourth and last one I made, which came out perfect. I think I realized without knowing it that you have to pull on the bias tape as you go along to give it some tension. It would have been nice to know that.
4. I made two pink bunnies for my two nieces based on a project in Rachel's class. I got better with the second one, but the tension on my needle changed when I changed to the zigzag stitch for this project, so my sewing lines came out too loose on the first one. I wish I had stopped and fixed it at the start, but it was just too tempting to try to take a project to the end. :) I guess I got a little too excited.



Julia and Yuriy said...

How am I supposed to feel about myself when my sisters build tents and sew amazing pretty things for gifts?!

Tanya said...

Ha ha, you make me smile. But you are the creative one with all your projects you always got going on...

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