Bring it, 2013!

Friday, January 4, 2013

So this year has definitely snuck up on me, and now we are four days in and I'm only now getting around to making some resolutions. I usually make a scrapbook page of my resolutions, and that way they are down on paper and I can look back throughout the year and see whether I'm making progress on my goals. I'll get to that soon and post it on here so THERE IS NO GOING BACK. No hiding from my goals, no letting fear beat me back. This year I'm keeping a positive attitude no matter what comes my way. My word for this year is BELIEVE. I need to cling to God's promises and believe with all my heart that everything I pray will work out, will work out.

We met the new year with a small group of friends at our house this year--a very last-minute thing since I was still getting over Christmas, still trying to get over a cold I've had for weeks now, and still spending lots of time with family while my sister was in town. I told everyone to bring finger food or dessert and we had ourselves a good time chatting and playing Apples to Apples well into the night. I just bought that game and it's definitely a winner. Uncomplicated, fast-paced, and fun. And there's nothing like having people over to get the house in order, and now I have an exceptionally clean house for a fresh new year.

And to get the new year started off right, I give you these delicious planners from Julia Kostreva. I bought myself a different one at Target recently, so I won't be getting one of these this year, but don't they look so cool? I wish they were journals. And that parsley print has been on my wish list for too long. I think it's time to take it off of there and get it in my house asap. :)

Happy 2013



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