Instagramming December

Monday, January 7, 2013

December was a big one. It was full of Christmas activities and lots of making. Probably more than at any other time of the year, so I guess we went out with a bang over here. :) Hopefully this next year will be even more full of making things now that I got my creative juices flowing.

Some of these photos may be a little repetitive, but I love getting all my phone photos on here for record-keeping's sake. So please bear with me. I love how easy it is to take pictures with my phone, but that means I pull my big SLR camera out less often and these photos are all the documentation I have. Some things get captured with only one grainy shot, but it's better than nothing.

 1. Olivia after her cute preschool Christmas concert.
2. The boys are babysitting Adele.
3. Cookie party with Noah.
4. Visiting Tato at work.
5. I started scrapbooking again!!
6. We made bracelets with our names on them one night.
7. Love this raspberry chipotle chicken salad.
8. Getting my craft supplies together.
9. First time watching Elf. Hilarious.
10. Preschool ornament
11. It barely snowed but they were excited nonetheless.
12. Sleeping off my insomnia.
13. Ribs...enough said.
14. Olivia and baby Daniel.
15. Starbucks fuel and crafts.
16. Got the stockings up.
17. Bowl full of vintage ornaments.
18. Tried my hand at caramel apples.
19. Egg carton owls
20. Gyros and hummus
21. Our bedtime routine--reading books on Mila's bed with the girls.
22. Julia's in town.
23. Nutcracker ballet
24. Baby and I
25. Angela, Tanya, Alena and me at the ballet.
26. About to dig into the vareniki at my parents' house.
27. Gift-wrapping
28. A bunny I made.
29. Christmas morning
30. After our Christmas service in our new church.
31. Christmas light drive
32. Snowman in the yard
33. Making our own popsicles.
34. Ben loves making these keychain things.
35. Winter Garden Aglow
36. Ben's new bed linens.


4 comments: said...

Looks like you guys had a busy and fun December:) I love the pom pom/polka dot wrapping paper!

SAS said...

These are beautiful! I love how instagram makes all the little things in life seem so much more exciting.

Tanya said...

Olviya--we did, and good thing it's January now.:)

Tanya said...

Sas, I hear you, I love Instagram!

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