First two scrapbook pages in a looong time

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's been too long since I scrapbooked last, and even longer since I scrapbooked consistently. That means always printing out pictures I want to document for the kids and getting all my journaling down before it escapes my mind. I've been horrible about that for the last two or three years, and it makes me sad that time has escaped me like that.

Well, I'm officially back in the game! I spent all day yesterday in the office, playing around with paper and moving embellishments around until I got it just right, and I was in heaven! I wish I had gotten back to it sooner. I have been buying some new products during my time away, just because I can't pass them up, so I had all these cool new things to play with. I was seriously in my zone yesterday, and it was awesome. My mom had the kids and I was home alone, with all day stretched before me. I only took a break for a much-needed haircut, then got my favorite raspberry chipotle chicken salad at Costa Vida before heading back to my desk. It was kind of a dream day, now that I think about it.

Here are two of the pages I made. I'll be back tomorrow with more.

Some people like to stick to one certain brand of products, or have a definite favorite. I am the complete opposite. I like to gather from all over the place, and put it all together in a cool way. That way I can always color coordinate if I want because I have so much selection, and I like my pages to be fun and eclectic, not stuffy. Sorry if I just bored anyone who doesn't scrapbook.



Julia and Yuriy said...

So glad you're finally sharing your scrapbooking! You have such a huge collection of amazing layouts. And the world needs to see them.

Anonymous said...

This is too sweet!

Natalia K said...

Oh Tanya, these are gorgeous! The photography, layouts, and the writing...all of it! I love that your pages feature your handwriting, rather than typed mementos. Your kids will loooove looking back on this someday, as I'm sure you will too.

Tanya said...

Thanks, Natalia, you're always so encouraging. I love to do my own handwriting, too; I would love to have something Mom made from back in the day, complete with handwriting.

Tanya said...

Thanks Ana!

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