Mila turned 6 and I almost had a panic attack

Monday, November 5, 2012

I had some grand plans for Mila's 6th birthday party last month, and instead I got what I would call a hot mess. I don't know how else to put it. I was feeling worse than I had felt through the whole pregnancy the week before the party, and the two nights right before, I had insomnia and had to sleep it off during the daytime. Every project got pushed back, until I basically got nothing done ahead of time, and I overextended myself completely in the end.

As if that wasn't bad enough, on the day of the party, I had to take Mila to her last soccer game, and sit through it calmly like I didn't have a fire I had to put out at home, plus enjoy a cupcake with the rest of the team after the game while their trophies got handed out. Oh, it was bad. B also gave me a nice surprise that day by going to the church construction site last minute (our congregation is building a new church, and doing lots of the work ourselves) because they needed his expert door-painting skills, so he was out of the picture. And my friend who said she'd come early to help out before and during the party never showed. I wish I was kidding.

It could have been a complete disaster, where I call everyone up and cancel the whole thing, so at least I managed to throw something together and avoid that scenario. Though I did almost have a panic attack half an hour before the party. I threw Mila's hair in a ponytail, threw a couple dresses on the girls, and we were as ready as we would ever be.

We decorated cupcakes (with lumpy frosting because I was in a hurry), made pipe cleaner rings (which almost every kid needed help with, though they turned out pretty cool), watched Puss in Boots (Mila's request), had hotdogs, salad, and mini pizzas for dinner, broke the pinata, and opened gifts. With lots of trampoline breaks in between because the kids just couldn't stay away. Oh, and only one kid ended up having a piece of cake. I think between the cupcakes and the punch and the candy they kept stealing out of my candy bowl in the living room, they were all sugared out.

There were these adorable little heart pillow favors I made out of vintage fabric that were supposed to be on every plate, but I ran out of time to do the hand sewing to close them up.  That was pretty dissapointing, especially because I was so close to getting them done. You can see a glimpse of a couple of the finished ones in one of the pictures above. I ended up handing them out to the girls the next week, and they were happy, wasn't all bad.

It looked like all the girls had a really good time, and didn't even realize anything was wrong. And Mila, of course, was the happiest. The things that suffered the most were really the decorations and my hair and makeup. Yeah. I'm soooo glad birthday season is over at our house until next year. And this baby will be the first one to get the season going!



Julia and Yuriy said...

Tanya, you're crazy! It sounds and looks like the perfect birthday party for a 6 year old. Most kids don't even get that much! You totally over-do every party you put on (granted, you are the best party thrower I know). I hope you gave yourself a break afterwards. Good job pulling it off all on your own, pregnant and all!

Anonymous said...

I smiled when I read this...I think this has happened to me every single time I have thrown my kids a b-day party. The overplanning, not finishing most things, and running around like crazy the last minutes...but in the end they enjoy it. And that's all that matters. Great decorations! and party you threw !!! Nella

Tanya said...

Nella, I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one! I always procrastinate anyway, but this party was especially bad because I felt like crap all week. I feel better now... :)

Natalia K said...

Oh I hate that last-minute feeling of panic and doom us procrastinators get--but you pulled it off so well--I'd never know you were stressed. And the kids had fun, so all's good!

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