Enjoying some fall weather

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Olivia has been enjoying cheesing it up for the camera lately, as you can see below.  Ha ha! So much attitude is coming out of her these days, and some of the things she says...she's getting cuter by the day. And when she starts telling a story, especially about something or someone in preschool, she won't leave out a detail.

I took these at the park a few weeks back, when I was still feeling like someone had taken over my body. Looking back at these reminds me of that queasy feeling that was ready to come out any minute if I wasn't careful. I'm feeling somewhat better now and hoping for even better days soon.

I actually didn't mean to dress Olivia in animal print on animal print, but she was cold when we arrived, so we put the jacket on. It's okay--let's just say it enhances that personality of hers.



Anonymous said...

Your kids are too cute! My daughter had that polka dot skirt and wore it for few years until it final got too small...it was a favorite :) Nella

Tanya said...

Thank you, Nella! That skirt was Mila's first, and I still love it. It'll be sad when Olivia gets big for it.

Julia and Yuriy said...

Those four pics of the girls in the end are adorable!!! You're getting better at capturing the in between moments.

Natalia K said...

That was a fun afternoon :)

Tanya said...

Thanks, Julia. Your approval is all I need. ;)

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