New Office Walls

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I painted the office white a while ago, but I took my time getting the things back on the walls and getting one print framed. So it is officially finished, and it feels good. All the drawers are organized, I rearranged and made things better, and got rid of a lot of junk in the process. Editing down to the necessities makes me happy. A new vintage light fixture is up that I got at a consignment shop months ago.

Most things stayed exactly the same, but the new white walls make it feel like a completely different room. It's bright and cheerful, and when I turn the lights on at night, it doesn't feel like a gloomy dungeon anymore. I'm one of those people who needs lots of light. No mood lighting for me unless I don't really need to see anything.

The next thing I'm painting is the kitchen and breakfast nook, but I gotta get B on the bandwagon before I do. He used to adamantly refuse when I'd bring it up, but lately I've been mentioning it ("Honey, it needs to match...I can do it...I'll tape off the cabinets really nice...I'm a good taper, don't you know? don't have to do anything") and his response isn't quite so final anymore. I really don't consult him when I'm changing something in the house because he trusts my judgment (and really doesn't care...or notice), but I don't want to make him mad with this one. But...I'll tell you a secret...I always get him to come around and I always get my way. Shhhh. :) True story.

These pictures are definitely not the best quality, but they will have to do. It's still a pretty low-light situation in there in the daytime because the room is away from the sun, and I don't have a tripod or a lens that lets in enough light to give me a clear, detailed picture. Someday.
This desk is obviously mine. I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies in all the nooks and drawers, as well as lining the hutch in those milkglass bowls. I keep all my paperwork and files in there too.
I hung cheap clip boards on the wall, giving me a good place to display a rotating collection of eye candy without tape or holes in the wall. I got that desk lamp at some thrift store for $3.50. Steal!
My favorite milkglass containers hold washi tape, felt/fabric flowers, small tags, chipboard, and glitter.
My little embellishments go in these clear Making Memories divided containers. I love being able to see what I have to work with. If I can't see it, I won't use it, which is a problem.
My patterned paper and letter stickers in a wine crate. All calling my name to play with them and make something good.
B's desk is usually where we use the computer, but we recently got another laptop, so it's more his desk now than mine. But I still have a claim to it because my piggy bank collection is there. Not to mention my vintage baskets and globe.
My sweet little piggies. Two of those are from my little sister, now that I look at them--one from Thailand and one from a garage sale.
Love my Orla Keily for Target jars. I'm so glad I snagged them. I remember that collection barely made it in stores before it was snapped up.
I can't part with my old Creating Keepsakes scrapbooking magazines, so...the most logical place to put husband's desk. In case anyone was wondering what he's reading these days.
I hung my fox print from Gingiber that I bought for either Mila or Olivia's room, but for now, it will stay in here.
I love that little towel that tells me it's still 1972 no matter how much time goes by. At least time stands still somewhere.


Vadim said...

I really like clipboards on the wall, something simple, yet looks nice :)

MissLeah said...

Love your style.

Tanya M said...

Thanks, Vadim.

Tanya M said...

Leah, you're sweet, thanks.

Natalia K said...

Looks so good. Inspiring me to finish my office.

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