Summer isn't summer without a trip to the fair

Thursday, August 30, 2012

At least for us, it's not. I actually grew up right next to the fair, so I was very aware of when the fair is going on. We would watch the fireworks from our house, and we could hear the noise going on late into the night every evening as the rest of the city calmed down and the carnival only gained momentum. I don't go into that part of town much anymore, so even driving those familiar streets on the way to the fair is so nostalgic for me. Now we make a point to go with our kids every year.

Summer has been so busy for me this year, so I honestly wasn't even looking forward to going that much because I knew it'd be exhausting. was better than anticipated, which is always good. I got a Starbucks in my system in preparation, brought lots of water, and bared the germs all for these kiddos of mine. My sister, her husband, and kids came along too, so our kids even had a buddy to share their bliss with.

Time flew so much faster than I thought it would, but it was a relief when B joined us in the evening and took Ben on the older kid rides. At the end of the night, no one wanted to go home, but B and I finally just declared it was time to go due to the small meltdowns that told us these kids are beyond exhausted.

I ended up taking way too many photos, and I know why. How could you not take photos of all those pretty lights and colors?! All those carnival bulbs just made me happy!

The rides were fun, but the animals are equally important. :) I especially love how the goat is trying to eat Ben's shorts in one photo. It was pretty persistent, too...makes me wonder what that goat could eat if given the chance...



Julia Manchik said...

These photos are great! The petting zoo photos are so precious. Love seeing kids with animals. And YOU, mama, look pretty hot at the fair! Did you go any rides in that pretty little dress?

Tanya M said...

Thanks, Juls! And yes, I went on rides. At least I wasn't sweating it out in denim.

Natalia K said...

Ha, I didn't see that goat eating ben's shorts until you pointed it out. It's true, they'll eat anything.

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