Date night

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We often don't have babysitting for the weekends, so we 1) haven't been going out on dates much or 2) take the kids. Sometimes I'm tired and it's not worth the effort to arrange anything, which I figure is bad (keep your marriage alive! you need to be alone! right?), but it's been working for us lately.

This date night was actually a week and a half ago now, but I'm just getting around to posting it. We had a good time as a family, and that's what matters. I want my kids to remember a fun childhood, where their parents took them places and spent time all together, as a unit. We started off with dinner at a local pizza place (I love a good pizza), then ended up at the park, which was supposed to be a quick thing before we headed home. Well, when we were driving up to it, we noticed people everywhere, then booths, then vendors, then the park, which was completely filled with tents, and we realized some kind of fair was going on. Lots of earthy, health-conscious people. :) We played on the playground as it was getting dark, looked around, and each of us (the kids and I) got to pick a rock out to take home. I got a cool one cut in a tower--don't really know what to call it, but I like it! You should have seen me asking B to buy me a rock, and the vendor is looking on the whole time. "Please, can I have this rock? Look, it's a really cool one. I love rocks..." Ha ha! Then he started going on with some guy how wives want the weirdest things. Good thing he bought me the rock.

We ended the night with a stop for frozen yogurt (I got the tart flavor with berries and nuts on top--don't worry, no sugar!), one of our favorite things to do as a family, then off to bed. Such a good date.



Natalia K said...

Ha, ha, I laughed picturing the conversation about buying a rock. You're such a good photog--even the ones in the dark. I need to start learning!

Tanya M said...

It was pretty funny, I have to admit! The guy wasn't too fazed though. I can teach you how to shoot in the dark, no problem, though I always get plenty of crappy shots. My secret is take lots and edit them down later.

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