Back to School They Go

Friday, September 7, 2012

The kids are in school (!!) and I couldn't be happier. I've kind of been waiting for it for weeks now (if it wasn't evident in some of my last posts). It's a relief to be done running around and it's nice to have the kids out of the house to protect my sanity.

Routine has been good for me so far, though hard to get used to. I'm a night owl, and getting up earlier every morning than any other year before has been somewhat of a challenge. But I'm proud of myself. I actually got in bed at 10:30 last night, and it didn't feel weird. I don't remember the last time I did that. Either I'm being really responsible or getting old--not sure. No, I'm kidding, I know all kinds of young people go to bed early, but I just haven't ever been one, and it just feels wrong to be in bed really early.

This is the first year I have all the kids away from home all morning, and I'm loving it, I'm not gonna lie. I'm also not going to pretend that I'm at home crying and missing them, because I'm not. I think a lot of people pretend to be sad, because they think that's how they should feel. I get plenty of time with the kids when they're home. My outlook may be different if I was a working mom, or I only had one child, but I've been home with them from day one. Sometimes I feel like a single parent because I basically do everything since B is always working.

So now I'm enjoying being able to get things done and have some peace and quiet. I've been struggling to make it to the computer to blog all summer long, and now I have hours of uninterrupted time. Ben and Mila started school last week on Tuesday of last week and Olivia started preschool this past Tuesday. Mila started kindergarten, but it didn't require that much adjusting for her since she's had two years of preschool. Olivia is attending the preschool Mila went to last year, so she knows the teacher and she knows the classroom. She needed me to sit with her the first half hour of preschool, then called me over, and told me I can go home now. Love that girl. She's still pretty timid, but I'm betting my the end of next week she will have found her groove.

Life has changed for me, folks! I still kind of can't believe all my kids are away from home for at least three hours every day. And next year they will all be in 'school' school. Soon I could even start working. My mind is blown. I leave you with the obligatory backpack shot. :) I remember my parents made us all line up tallest to shortest for a picture every year, and then turn around for a backpack shot. I am keeping the tradition alive.

That first picture is from Ben and Mila's first day, and Olivia just joined them for the shot. These, however, are her official first day photos.



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