Serena & Lily

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No. 1 hanging rattan chair / No. 2 fouta towel / No. 3 cobalt cabana bins / No. 4 Moroccan leather pouf / No. 5 bone inlay frame / No. 6 French ring sheets / No. 7 banda coffee table
There are certain catalogs that I get excited about flipping through each new season because they are just so inspirational. Serena & Lily is definitely one of them. I've been loving their products lately and their styling is equally good. They are not cheap, however, so I can basically only admire. But I love admiring, so it's all good...though if someone wants to buy me my wish list by any chance, here it is! :)



Julia Manchik said...

I would buy you that awesome moroccan pouf, but let me save up for a couple more years!! $450!

Love your selections.

Tanya M said...

I know, so expensive. Isn't it gorgeous, though?!

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