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Friday, August 10, 2012

I have been MIA lately from this blog because I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. To put it mildly. Summer is a lot of fun, and we are definitely having a good one, but it's so much work! There are so many towels to wash, so many clothes to iron, and the kids just keep getting dirty! :) And since the kids are home all day long, it's really up to me to get them out of the house and do things. I am really starting to look forward to school and preschool starting. Which is good, because school is a mere two weeks away.

Olivia will be starting preschool this fall, Mila will be starting kindergarten, and Ben is going into fourth grade. So many milestones happenening this year. I am pretty excited about the fact that I will get three hours at least three times a week all to myself. I have never ever had that before. I think this means they are all growing up (tear). :( I just need to decide if I want Olivia going to preschool three or five days a week.

In the last seven days, we have gone on a date, got our air ducts and dryer vent cleaned, attended a baptism, gone to a birthday party, hosted a birthday dinner with family for Ben (who turned nine on Tuesday), then took him, two friends, and the girls to Wahooz Family Fun Center with all day tickets (exhausting, to say the least), the boys slept over, started soccer practice, finished up school supply shopping, sold things on Craigslist, packed to go camping, and here we are, about to leave to Warm Lake for the weekend on a church camping trip. Summer is obviously not letting up on me.

Time to pack up and hit the road! Here are a few things we have been doing lately:

I finished painting the office last week, which was so gratifying for me. It's been on my list so long, it feels good to get it off of it. Now it feels bright and cheerful and light-filled. It feels like we changed lighting in there--it's so bright!

 I have been getting the kids to cook with me lately. They have been practicing chopping things, and soup is perfect for that.

 Of course, lots of trips to the pool. All three of them are getting really comfortable in the water.

I bought this cute little needlepoint of Holland at an antique mall on our road trip to Seattle. Not sure where I'll put it yet, but I love it.

 I finally made my own pizza crust. I don't know why I've been intimidated by it, it was pretty easy to make! But that's my nature, I get intimidated by everything, when in reality I'm actually very capable. Going to try out another recipe soon and see how it compares. I topped this particular pizza with  



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