Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1. Ribs are a family favorite around here.
2. The kids and I after dinner.
3. We went over to my parents' after dinner for birthday cake.
4. The office is white! I love it!
5. My scrapbooking station that never gets used. :(
6. Used some vintage metal glasses to display my birthday flowers in.
7. The carrots are looking good.
8. Crackers, salami, smoked gouda and sweet hot mustard.
9. We blew up the backyard pool!
10. The weirdest green smoothie I've made to date--spinach, cucumber, blueberries, and peach yogurt.
11. Pulled out my slow cooker for this pork and black bean soup.
12. Brown butter and myzithra cheese pasta.
13. The boys found a great spot for Ben's remote control boat.
14. We are gearing up for soccer season over here. Mila wears these around the house for fun!
15. We got to have a date night after way too long. We had delicious Asian food, then saw Moonrise Kingdom. It was such an unexpected movie, and it made me giggle the whole time.
16. B baked an apple tart for us to enjoy together. No, I did not help.



Natasha of said...

Is it moonlight kingdom or moonrise kingdom? I just finished watching the trailer for moonrise kingdom. Looks strange, a little ridiculous and funny. I chuckled a little through the trailer.

Tanya M said...

Whoops! Fixing the mistake now! I had to look the name up myself when doing the post, cause it sounds so odd. And I still got it wrong. It's definitely a quirky movie and some might not get the humor.

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