Road to Hana

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The road to Hana is supposed to be this scary, hand-wringing drive along the northern coast of Maui, to the east, and down to the little village of Hana. It was anything but. I read too many reviews warning me to lay on the beach one more day instead because it is sooo not worth it. How wrong! I think the people who were the most scared doing the drive either never drive at home or don't have mountains and winding roads. Because it's winding, but completely safe and very well-paved. The only thing that made me nervous were the 50 one-lane bridges on the route that you had to stop in front of, yield to oncoming traffic, and cross if the coast was clear.

We got out for a hike up to a waterfall through the rainforest, and of course, it was raining. An hour and a half later, we were completely soaked, and so uncomfortable in our clothes! Not a good idea to pose for too many pictures. ;)

The Jurrasic Park rock is near the ocean right between the two mountains in the photo. I thought we could get a little closer than that when I read about it!
I am convinced you cannot starve in Hawaii, even if you're homeless. There are just too many fruit trees that grow in the wild and along any street or even resort site to not have anything to eat. It kind of blew my mind. You don't even have to water anything to make it grow.Look what we found! B's obsessed with avocados, eats them basically every day, and we got to see them growing on a tree! Big stuff for us Idahoans.At the foot of a pool formed by a waterfall. Everything was so wet and slippery.


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