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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guess where we got our luau tickets? Costco. Yup, we really love that place. What's not to love about saving $50 anyway? I've never been to a luau before, so I can't compare the one we went to to another, but I would say it was decent enough. I wasn't too amazed because I've seen my fair share of other people's luau pictures, so it felt like I had already seen it all. Plus we sat in the back, which was nice overall, but not for the show. We got to see them digging the pig out of the ground after it had been cooking all day long, which was neat. Gory, but neat. Overall, it was fun to dress up and spend our 10-year anniversary out and about, with those lovely ocean breezes in my hair and the sun setting behind us. The luau was held at the Grand Wailea Resort, which was a stunner. Look at their little wedding chapel!

The Hawaiian story is pretty fascinating, at least to me. I've always kind of been a bit of a history geek. I like information for information's sake. I totally read Maui Revealed cover to cover while we were there, so now I can go on and on about the things I learned. Don't get me started if you don't wanna hear it! I would definitely recommend that book, though--I loved their point of view. The author is a local and did everything for himself before he wrote about it. That's the best kind of guidebook, I think.



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