Saturday, May 26, 2012

Olivia is the eternal priness.  Or ballerina; it's about half and half.  She loves performing for me, twirling around, curtsying and saying, "Thank you, thank you."  She loves her ballet flats cause she can stand on her toes in them.  I was headed outside to work in the yard a couple days ago, and Mila and Olivia wanted to put on a show for me first.  They ran around, twirled, curtsyed, hugged, and giggled. 

Later, as I was redoing some of our beds, the girls were playing next to me.  Before long, Mila had a paper cup in her hand and was scooping up roly polys into it.  I remember not too long ago she was deathly afraid of bugs and spiders, and here she is obsessed with roly polys.  I showed her that if you move the rocks away from a shrub, the roly polys are there in bunches, hiding in the moist, shady dirt. 

As I worked, I would hear things like, "Nobody is getting away from me!" "Nobody is leaving!" And Olivia, "Come here, roly poly, to your best friend!" I guess she knows which ones are best friends. Olivia is still hesitant with them, but she copies everything Mila does, so it won't be long until she's fearless as well. 

They got sooo many more than this.  All I heard for hours was, "Mila, I found one!  Right here!  Hurry!" accompanied by a bunch of squealing.

Aren't girls so interesting?  So girly and yet so tough and adventurous too.  I hope they never lose that.



MissLeah said...

Too cute! :)

Natasha of said...

Awww, that picture of them hugging is just so sweet :)

Julia M said...

Your writing is beautiful, Tanya. I love this post... the ballerina dancing and the rolly polly hunting. I remember doing both. I had quite the laugh at the "nobody is getting away from me" part!

Natalia K said...

I love your photography and writing in this just captures your girls, and girls in general, so well.

SAS said...

This is such a great post! I love how they are girly and tough, and how you captured that effortlessly. I can't quite put my finger on why, but your photos and writing work so well together =)

Tanya M said...

Thank you, SAS, that is the best compliment! And thank you for commenting.

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