Saturday, November 22, 2014

Get ready for a lot of photos from our trip to Seattle! Bogdan and I both have a lot of family in the area, but this time we wanted to see my sister Julia's apartment and spend time with her and her husband, especially since sometimes we are in town and they are not, so we don't always get to see them. They were kind enough to let our crazy clan stay at their place, so we spent most of our time in Seattle with them. I'm such a city girl, I was completely in my element and loved every second of our trip. It's not easy with kids, and Julia and Yuriy were probably a bit shell-shocked from all the noise and chaos and the amount of time it takes to get out of the house. But hey, we gave them a dose of reality and now they know what to expect when they start their own family. ;)

We started out by exploring the neighborhood. We took a walk to Volunteer Park and let the kids play on the playground. We also toured the conservatory there, and I took a million photos of all the unique plants and the kids too, but I have no idea where they went. They are gone from my camera so the only thing I can think of is maybe Naomi erased them? There were a bunch of the kids from the playground too, and they're all gone. The one below is from my phone, and it's the only one I have. We got to see bug-eating plants shaped like cones and the venus fly trap, too, among lots of other fun plants. This earth and everything in it is so amazing!

Yuriy took us sailing one evening, which was a highlight of our trip. We brought delicious sandwiches along with us and enjoyed the scenery while Yuriy did all the work. Ben got to help steer the boat which of course he loved. The weather was cold and really windy, and there were rain clouds nearby but we figured they wouldn't come our way. All of a sudden the boat started rocking and the wind whipping our hair around and it got a little intense. Mila was scared of being on the boat anyway, and kept looking back to shore longingly, so I had to make sure not to say anything that would make her even more afraid. We were on a little boat kind of far from shore and it was raining and I definitely didn't want to be hit by lightning, so we turned back to shore as fast as we could and got out of that storm. We actually saw dolphins jumping right next to the boat on our little adventure, which was of course pretty great!

I of course forgot the name of this place now, but the decor and lighting were spot on! I want that chandelier in my dining room.

We got to see some goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and geese one day, and of course Bogdan had to try one out.

Enjoying the view from Julia and Yuriy's rooftop. It was too cold and dark to have our dinner up there like we planned, but my cousin came over and joined us in the apartment, and a couple Instagram friends as well, so it was a good night. I like stealing all your friends, Julia.

Washington is the definition of green. Plants everywhere.

Their apartment is decorated to a T. I wanted to move right in!

Naomi refused to sit still while eating out on our last day and it got pretty embarrassing, so we escaped outside while they boxed my food to go and the rest of the fam ate inside. She wandered around draped with her blanket like a boss. And refused to take pictures with me.



Julia and Yuriy said...

Awww, yay! Such a fun weekend! Don't worry, you didn't scare us too bad. We'll just wait another decade before having kids. ;) Come back soon!!

Vadim K said...

When in doubt - blame the child :). Seeing lush greenery in WA is always makes me a little jelous of Washingtonians but I still prefer ID.

julia said...

Beautiful family! <3

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