Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We got the chance to drive a Jeep recently, so Bogdan and I made a date out of it and took it up to the mountains to have some fun. We drove up above the city and drove until we found a dirt road coming off the highway. It was a beautiful, sunny evening, and the sun was slowly sinking to the horizon. We were thinking we might stop somewhere and hike, but once we started down one road, we never really found a place to turn around until we had gone on for quite a while. The road was winding through the mountains on its way up, and we kept wanting to know what was around the next bend, so we just kept driving. I finally pulled up Google maps and followed the road we were on to see if we could keep going or if it was a dead end. There were a few steep places that made my stomach knot up and I definitely didn't want to get stuck anywhere. It looked like the road continued on and ended up in a different part of town, so we hoped for the best and kept going as the sun kept coming down the sky. The road got narrow and bumpy but never anything our Jeep couldn't handle, and it was so fun to explore somewhere we had never been before, and though it was fairly close to town we had never known it was there. It's so good to get out of the house every once in a while and break up the routine of everyday life. We came back refreshed and energized for the rest of the week. We really had the best time!



Julia and Yuriy said...

Oh you youngins! So wild and free! There's no way you have 4 kids at home...

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