Dreamy weekend

Thursday, November 20, 2014

You know those days when everything goes right, everyone is happy, and you get a million things done in one day? When the day seems to stretch on forever and you look at the clock and it isn't even over yet? This was one of those days. Actually, the whole weekend was like that. We enjoyed every bit of our time together as a family with all six of us in attendance, and it was so good for our family. Bogdan works long hours on the weekdays, so I really treasure our weekends because I can loosen the reigns and we can parent together. I get backup and I feel like everything is right with the world when the kids are spending time with their dad.

Mila and I got up early for her soccer game, and came home to the kids puttering around the house and Bogdan slowly waking up. I had been craving a breakfast together and so when Bogdan mentioned it, I knew we were on the same page. We piled into a booth at the diner and ate hearty meals and talked and laughed and refilled our coffee cups lots.

There was a neighborhood garage sale going on, and as we were driving down our street to get breakfast, I spotted this molded plastic beauty on someone's driveway! I scooped her up for $30, stuck her in the trunk, and off we went. Who knew we had some midcentury-modern-loving neighbors around?! I'm sure it's a reproduction, but I don't care.

After saying to each other many times over months and months that we needed a date night and that it was going to happen that weekend, we would just need to find a babysitter--and then couldn't find that babysitter among our family members--I finally decided to find a REAL babysitter. And I can honestly tell you it has been magic. I don't feel guilty that my tired mom is watching my kids just so I can have some fun (but I know in my heart that it's not just fun and that I need some time away) and that we better hurry up and head back. This way my mind is clear and I know the kids are having fun because they LOVE their babysitter and I can take some time to remember who I am without distractions and duties clouding my mind.

Bogdan and I biked all around the city and I just enjoyed all the pretty old houses as we rode past. Instead of people-watching, I like to house-watch--I just love houses and architecture and even seeing what people do with their yards. It's all very exciting to me. :) When we got hungry we stopped for some lettuce wraps and finished the night with another stop for some crunchy, buttery chocolate almond croissants, then made our way home. Our date was adventurous, active, and relaxing--the perfect date night combination if you ask me.

We came home to sleeping kiddos and this is how I found the girls in the morning when I came in to wake them for church--hair splayed out and surrounded with lemons.

My crew looked pretty handsome so I took these shots before getting in the car to go home from church. Naomi wasn't having it, so Bogdan cured the crying and squirming by holding Naomi upside-down by her leg--and it worked because she's a crazy one and likes stuff like this. We did get one good shot, so--success!

We came home and played Sorry with Mila while Naomi napped and Ben and Olivia did something quiet. The wind picked up outside and it looked like it might rain, which is perfect weather for staying in and playing a board game. When Naomi woke up, we packed the kids back up in the car and went apple picking at a nearby orchard. It really was a dream weekend, and it was great that it was that good, because by the time we came home late that night I was so sick and feeling so crummy all I could do was put my warmest socks on and crawl into bed. Bogdan fed the kids and got them all in bed because the cold that had been on the verge of breaking through all week long finally gained strength and came to the surface in all its glory. It happens every time--I start sleeping too little for multiple days in a row, my body can't keep fighting whatever germs I've picked up, it gives up and the cold or flu comes on with so much force. Monday was the opposite of Saturday and Sunday for me, but at least I had Saturday and Sunday to hold me over. It really was the best weekend.



Ana Ohlandt said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. By the way the purse looks wonderful on Bogdan! ;)

Julia and Yuriy said...

Love that pic of the kids on the front porch with the chair. It's so real. And the boys... so sweet! I guess they gotta stick together, don't they?

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