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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

treasures from portland--a vintage pitcher and ceramic mushroom, a postcard from our hoand portland's coffee of choice

the kids loved making crayons in our new mold from ikea


the beginnings of banana bread on the counter

ben being a good big brother

the middle of the six balloon

picking peaches

top knot, blanky and paci--the essentials

peach pie with a little doughy peach on top

a row of girls warming up in the shower

fits at the pool because i wouldn't let her jump into the water

play time with their cousins is always a good idea

eleven months apart and the gap is closing fast

dragging blankets around everywhere she goes

crib scene

lots of fresh green juice

a new print got framed and is up on the mantle

busy playing

always on top of something or other

Ben's art wall

plum jam, peach jam, adjika

she found a new place to play

cartwheels before the outdoor movie starts

i love when they play like this



Julia and Yuriy said...

Nice pie! Your life looks fun. And crazy. But mostly fun. :)

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