A birthday party with a feverish surprise

Monday, October 27, 2014

Olivia's birthday fell on the week of vacation Bible school and two of her friends were out of town, so we celebrated the following week with friends. She really wanted a sleepover, so she invited her best friends and her cousin Noah for swimming, takeout from Panda, cake, necklace making, and a movie.

Two babies born only six weeks apart. Except Naomi looks like a giant next to him. ;)

I can't believe how much these kids love the pool! And I'm happy we got to enjoy it more this summer than ever before, even though we have a baby on our hands that runs straight for the water and tries to dive right in. So scary.

Thanks for the amazing group shot, Naomi. We didn't want to see your face anyway.

The daylight was fading so this is fuzzy and dark, but they're all in there, so the memory will last anyway. I love baby Eric's smile on the top right (with a little help from his sister)!

A quick stop at Hobby Lobby, and I came up with these quick and easy necklaces to make after the pool. The kids loooved making these.

In their pajamas and ready for some gift opening. Naomi is up in Adele's face telling her 'hi' over and over again and Adele isn't cooperating, which makes Naomi even more determined to get a 'hi' out of her. It didn't end well.

She was so happy to be sung to--our sweet birthday girl. I didn't even notice that crown on her head at the time. She must have come up with that on her own. I didn't have time to bake a proper birthday cake, which I always try to do, so confetti ice cream cake it was.

There were only three kids sleeping over after the movie, but it felt like twenty. I lined their sleeping bags up along the wall in the play room, told them no talking, and hoped for the best. But of course there was plenty of talking, some fighting, some tattling, etc. I had to go in countless times to stop an argument or because they're hot or they all want water or someone won't stop talking. They all eventually fell asleep and I didn't have to call any parents to come pick up their kid, so that was good.

I got a couple hours of sleep myself before we were up with Naomi, who started throwing up that night. She threw up four times throughout the night and developed a scary high fever. We were washing puke out of her hair, her comforter, her pillow, her clothes, our bed, our clothes....let's just say it wasn't our best night.

We had pancakes the next morning and home went all the kids. Phew! I think I may wait a bit longer on more sleepovers, but Olivia's dreams came true that day, so it was all worth it. Naomi, however, gave us a good scare. Her temperature hovered between 102-104 a lot, and sometimes having her on both Tylenol and Advil wasn't even keeping it down.

We actually drove to the ER with her that evening because she was at 104.5 and Advil wasn't knocking it down, but I gave her some Tylenol on top of it and by the time we got to the ER her temp had started dropping. I still wasn't convinced, though, so we hung out in the hospital parking lot for over an hour for it to drop down some more. I didn't want to waste any time driving to the hospital again if her temperature went back up, and when she was at 101 we finally headed back home. I really, really, really didn't want to have to go to the ER, so we were trying to avoid it if at all possible. I've had some bad experiences there and know they don't have the best level of care when emergencies are involved. It's also no fun for a baby to be poked and prodded and in the end all you get is a "give her/him plenty of water and rest" and "all you can do is wait it out," so I'm glad we didn't have to go. I have found that fevers are always highest during naps, so it can get scary when you go in to get them and they're just so hot in your arms. I'm not sure what it is during sleep that happens in the body, but the child wakes up hot and sweaty and super cranky, and the fever starts dropping soon after. Naomi continued to have that scary high fever for three long days, and was on a regimented schedule of Advil and Tylenol the whole time. It was a good reminder to never take my healthy children for granted!



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