Fun Run traditions

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We have a tradition of running the Fun Run with the kids' school every year. We started doing it with Ben in kindergarten, and he's wanted to do it every year since, so we've been participating ever since. Of course Mila would come along before she was in school, and couldn't wait to be able to officially run it herself and get the t-shirt and medal. And now Olivia, our most recent kindergartener, gets to do it. Ben and Mila, always the competitive ones, wanted to run ahead, so Olivia and I stuck together, while Bogdan and Naomi watched from the sidelines. We held hands the entire time, and we never stopped to walk unless we were forced to by the crowds. 

I was actually surprised that Olivia tried so hard because she is the least athletic of the older three. Not that she isn't coordinated enough or doesn't have the skills, but she just doesn't rush to try to beat someone else, and sees no point in it. She'd rather take her sweet time and enjoy it. That's how she's always been, through and through, but it seems if she wants to do something, she'll push herself and get it done. I'm so proud of that little girl. She seems so big to me usually, but this day I could see exactly how little she still is. Being third can be tough sometimes because she gets overlooked a lot and doesn't get that extra attention she craves sometimes, so I'm thankful for moments like these where I get to focus on only her. She eats the attention up, I can tell you that. 

I'm so happy to have these pictures because it's the only year all three of them will be in school together since Ben is moving on to middle school next year. He started this tradition, and now he's leaving us to do it without him. Such a bittersweet thing this growing up business is.

 Can you find us?

She was so happy to run the race with me. 

Naomi stayed in the stroller covered in blankets since we forgot a hat for her and it was insanely windy and cold outside. Sometimes we moms don't think of everything. ;)



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