In March this is all I did

Monday, April 28, 2014

It seems I didn't do too much in March, because all I have from that month is a bunch of baby pictures. Always baby pictures. Enjoy. 

 her diaper butt just makes me want to pinch it!
 sometimes the only way i can get her to sleep is put her in the car
 i keep extra pacis on the crib so she can always find one
 her expressions--the best
nakey baby!
doing her thing
happy baby
this shot is fuzzy but i couldn't bear to delete it off my phone. it was her first time feeling grass. i just plopped her down and she took off, until she realized it felt really weird under her hands and started screaming. but she never stopped crawling, ha ha! :) sometimes i like to torture my kids for my own amusement.



MB said...

He he that last comment! I must confess- I've spent the last hour or so enjoying all your photos, you have a beautiful family.

Tanya said...

That's awesome, thank you!

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