Embracing change

Sunday, January 26, 2014

all from Leif.

I'm being good this month and only window shopping for the most part. I didn't put this post together to tempt myself (or anyone else), it's just fun sometimes to pick out what you would buy, then close the page, and it feels like you've shopped. Am I weird? It feels like you bought it all, but you didn't! Ha ha.

I figure it's a new year and a perfect time to set the tone for the rest of the year by really sticking to my budget and refraining from buying things that aren't on my need-to-buy list. There are plenty of other things that are on that, so I'm challenging myself to save every penny and put it towards things that will actually make me happy and make a difference in my life. On the top of that list is a new mattress for Ben so he can finally have a full-size bed and a new high chair for Naomi since her vintage one is not very safe. Those things are meaningful and useful and I will be so happy when I can save up and buy them. My weakness is all kinds of pretty things for the home that aren't that expensive in and of themselves, but I've seen how one thing here and one thing there, added up, could have been something big that I thought wasn't in the budget. I'm holding myself accountable this year and making only thoughtful, meaningful purchases, and prioritizing things ruthlessly. I did a lot of cleaning and purging last year, and I want to keep up that simplified lifestyle this year. Here's to a new year and new habits! Amen?



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