Christmas eve

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hang on, a huge photo overload is coming right is our Christmas Eve in pictures...

We do Christmas every year with my family on Christmas Eve, which works out so well. It takes a lot of pressure off of Christmas day, and we celebrate my brother's Christmas Eve birthday that day as well. It has been tradition for many years for my mom to make a million vareniki (Ukrainian pierogies), and we feast until we can't fit one more in. Then we open gifts and do a birthday cake and go home tired and happy. It's pretty perfect. This year I got lots of pictures because my sister and her hubs were documenting it all with their fancy camera, so most of these pictures are theirs.

Naomi had a bad cold for so long by this point, and all of a sudden she was just so sick and unhappy again, and her fever was back and everything. I thought we should skip going to my parents' because she was so miserable, but she got a really good nap just before and she was actually pretty good for the rest of the evening. I just felt so bad for her. It's no fun being sick at Christmas time.

I get the honor of stuffing the grandkids' stockings every year, and I take my job very seriously.

I love the smiles and looks of pure childish joy on their faces.

Ben got a geode kit and some cool art supplies. All right up his alley.

Mila got the latest Pete the Cat book, her favorite series. I highly recommend them... "Did Pete cry? Goodness no! He kept walking along and singing his song."

We got Adele for Secret Santa. Here she's opening her stamps and loving on her doll. I think we got it right!

And a few shots of the kids after church on Christmas. It's Russian tradition to give gifts of candy at Christmas, so every year the kids get this big candy gift at church. Well, this year I got to put the Christmas presents together, and I had a lot of fun buying the candy and putting them together. I had lots of fun seeing the kids enjoying them--so cute.



Natalia K said...

Love the Christmas Eve photos so much--Julia always does a great job capturing little moments.

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