Saturday, July 20, 2013

We finally got rid of our big black media center from our living room and replaced it with these white Ikea bookshelves. Since we don't have an Ikea in the area, I send my personal Ikea buyer (aka my little sister Julia) to get me what I need when she's coming to town. Thanks, Julia and Yuriy, for putting up with me and my requests. It was pretty funny when we took the old media center apart to reveal those beautiful tan walls underneath. I forgot that I had painted around the media center when I was painting instead of taking it apart to move it. I have since painted it, but I don't have a picture yet, so this one it is.

Also new is that beautiful, shiny black Charles Eames fiberglass chair that I bought during their annual factory sale. I am finally the proud owner of one of these bad boys after years and years of dreaming. I paid for it by saving my change ($200 worth) and doing a garage sale earlier this year. I got rid of my pocket change and all my junk, and I got myself a chair out of it. I ultimately want to get two comfortable upholstered armchairs to face the sofa in the living room, so the rocker will most likely go in Naomi's bedroom then, but for now it's staying. The kids love rocking in it, and it's been really handy with Naomi as well. I regret getting the lighter wood for the base, so if I ever decide to change it out, I'm going for the dark wood with black wire, or even dowel legs without the rocker part if I want to use it with a desk. I love that it's so interchangeable, and I foresee this chair being handed down to one of the kids. They better pretend to want it...and like it!

Next on my living room to-do is a new coffee table, but hey, that's been on the list longer than anything, so a few more years won't hurt. And once we get hardwood floors in, rug shopping will soon follow, and I have a feeling that will be a game changer. I don't know why this kind of thing excites me so much, but it really does!



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