February on my phone

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1. Doing lots of maternity shopping these days.
2. Getting some nice weather and the snow is slowly melting.
3. The view from frozen Payette Lake.
4. My other half.
5. Too tired to sled sitting up.
6. Firework to end the McCall Winter Festival.
7. B and I enjoying our weekend.
8. The offspring.
9. Matching boots.
10. A cold day by the river.
11. Selfie
12. A long walk with this belly isn't easy.
13. Ben's first place Valentine robot.
14.Registering at Babies R Us.
15. A burger on my way home. Valentine's day was rough.
16. Some sweet Valentines from my cousin.
17. Mila's drawer contents before.
18. Mila's drawer after.
19. Silly girls in the parking lot.
20. Throwing rocks at a frozen pond.
21. Banana bread in progress.
22. New white walls.
23. Mila's new LaLaLoopsy friend.
24. Berry parfaits are a favorite around here.
25. New things from Anthropologie.
26. I want that dog letter holder!
27. From my walk.
28. Fruit bowl
29. Play date baking going on.
30. Puffy eyes are my new look these days.
31. We have a new jump roper in the house.
32. Another day, another fruit bowl.
33. Mexican comfort food
34. So thankful for my husband.

It's a lot of fun looking back at the previous month and seeing it all in review like this. It reminds me that it's not all cleaning and cooking and folding laundry. In between all that, we are spending time together and making memories. Though we may not get out of the house as much as I would like, looking at these reminds me that I'm doing pretty good keeping all my balls in the air, and I can't ask much more of myself than that. It's also nice to see that March is already shaping up to be much warmer than February was, which gets me even more excited for the rest of the month!



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