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Friday, March 8, 2013

I've been on the lookout for a new coffee table for months to replace our old, repainted, country-style table that we've kept around for nine years now. It doesn't seem like it's been with us that long, but time stands still for no one, as they say.

I've tried finding something at a thrift or consignment shop, but the local selection is just not what I'm looking for. And soon I won't have the luxury of being able to stop in here and there, so I've had a Favorites folder full of coffee tables that I revisit and add to every once in a while. I find this is the best way for me to figure out what I would really be able to live with long-term, or if maybe that particular choice was something I only liked that day.

The first table below would be my ultimate choice, with it's stone top resting on those pretty walnut legs, but the price is steep, so I'm thinking either the second one from West Elm or the fifth one from YLiving. I love that that one is rectangular in shape but has rounded corners for a mid-century modern/Scandinavian look. If you know of a website you think I would like, I would love to know.

No. 1 / No. 2 / No. 3 / No. 4 / No. 5 / No. 6 / No. 7 / No. 8 


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I like your idea of saving your favorites and looking over them every once in a while. I have a hard time making decisions on buying house things because I change my mind ALL the time!

I really like No 3. It looks like the glass would be easy to clean too. Always a plus;)

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