Snow day!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We've been getting lots of snow lately, though usually only an inch or so. On Monday we got at least three inches, which was beautiful and so fun for the kids. It was perfectly fluffy and soft, and made me ache to get on a snowboard. Next year, next year.

We got only another inch overnight, but since yesterday was so warm (43) and everything froze back up overnight, the roads are supposedly really icy. I got the kids all ready for school this morning and found out as Olivia was heading out the door that all the schools are closed. A very unexpected snow day for sure.

Today's to-do list:

  • finish the egg carton doorbell hangers we've been working on with the kids
  • iron until I can't iron anymore
  • shop for groceries and plan dinner
  • silence whiny kids
  • clean out the fridge
  • take the girls on a play date
  • be lazy with some magazines that I've neglected for months and months
  • watch a few more White Collar episodes on Netflix because I'm obsessed 
  • play a board game with Ben and Mila (Olivia has no interest)
A simple day of chores and relaxation. Balance. At the rate the kids have been whining this morning, however, I hope they have school tomorrow. Ha ha!



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