I did throw that banquet a few weeks back...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I haven't shared any pictures of that banquet I helped plan a few weeks back, so here are a few shots of the decor. I snapped these right after we finished setting everything up and before I rushed home to make myself presentable for the party. I didn't get any shots of the food, the people, or even the caramel apples we made to sell that night as a fundraiser because by the time I sat down at my table that day, you couldn't pry me off my seat. I was toast, and the night went by in the blink of an eye. I did thoroughly enjoy myself that night, however. We had a very lively table with lots of jokes and laughter--it was a perfect night away as a couple. The kids even slept over at grandma's, which meant no rushing back home for us.

I will say, however, it is so much more work to pull something like this off than someone who doesn't do this kind of thing might realize. I came to church with my car jam-packed with boxes full of decorations that I had been meticulously collecting for weeks before, not to mention simply getting rsvp's from everyone and figuring out the menu. It took forever just to iron out the fabric for the photo backdrop and set the tree up and decorate it. I couldn't have done it without you, Alla and Natasha, so thank you for all your help. I had gotten a small group of girls to commit to making caramel apples with me the night before, then two of them dropped out because of colds, so it was Alla and my lonesome making caramel apples for the first time ever as our kids played in the living room. Good thing everything came back down much faster that night than it went up!

Everything was gold and silver, with lots of white and glass to complement it, and plenty of candlelight. I painted gold dots on canning jars and used those as centerpieces with candles inside, then layered various baking cups and tied that around the jar, finishing it off with sequins in the middle.

I was 18 weeks by this point, and being 20 weeks now, I can definitely see the difference two weeks makes. And I know I will only grow faster and faster as the next 20 weeks go by! Get ready to be huge, Tanya!



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great photos. Your blog is fantastic.

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