Around the house: Christmas is coming!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

1. A bowl full of vintage ornaments. Sometimes I want to eat them.

2. Getting ready for the Christmas party/banquet at church--looking through all the decor, getting ideas, shopping for some diy supplies, etc. I'm thinking gold and white this year, with possibly some silver thrown in.

3. Got some new goodies at Sephora as an early Christmas gift to myself--L'Occitane lotion, Surf Spray, and Josie Maran argan oil products. I'm not a products person by any means, but when I've heard a certain product is good, it's really fun to try it out.

4. Got all my gold and silver glitter out. Glitter makes me happy.

5. I finally resized some photos to wallet size, put them all on one 8x10 sheet in Photoshop, and got it printed at the Walgreens on the corner. And it worked! This is exciting, because it means I can size my photos any way I want, order, and have them in an hour to scrapbook. I know I could have done this long ago, but I'm slow at trying new things I'm not 100% about. The perfectionist in me won't give it a shot if there's no gaurantee it'll turn out well. Anyone with me on this?

6. Getting all the Christmas decorations out and testing them.

7. Our 2012 gingerbread house. The kit was so cheap we didn't have enough candy for the other side of the roof! Next year I'm definitely making my own from scratch, and we can load that thing up until it collapses! ;)

8. My first baby purchase--a chain of birdies to hang in his/her room. This decorating thing is going to be fun! (And I always say that until it becomes stressful.)

9. And last but not least...these are the last cookies I was baking on Thanksgiving day during my baking week, and they were a big fat fail.

10. The dough was too hard from the fridge to roll out, and when it thawed out a bit, it was too sticky and ripped apart on the counter.

11. This is the second time I wasted a bunch of ingredients trying to make them, and I say no more! I got a really unspecific recipe from a lady I know for her cookies, and I really think she just didn't want to give the recipe out. Bummer, because they are melt-in-your-mouth flaky. I'll get over it. :)

My days have been flying lately, and this blog has been one thing that had to give. It's probably because I've been shopping like a crazy person lately. I've been trying to get some Christmas shopping out of the way so I don't have to get it all in December, trying to get the kids' Christmas outfits done, running around getting craft supplies and knick-knacks for an advent calendar, shopping for Christmas lights and such (and still no luck with a tree topper), and getting a few things for the church banquet. Oh, and let's not start about dress shopping for said banquet with a pregnant belly that isn't quite big enough for maternity clothes. Hopefully today I can get the house cleaned up and the laundry caught up on.



Julia and Yuriy said...

Love this post! You always have such pretty things around your house. I could snoop around there all day. :) Love that new pillow! Can't wait to visit.

Natalia K said...

Ha ha, Julia, I so second your comment! Here's to snooping around Tanya's house all day :).

Natalia K said...

And about the cookies--maybe you needed a lot of flour to make it work? Maybe it's like pie dough--it's hard to roll out until suddenly it's too soft to work with!

Tanya said...

It definitely needed more flour, but it had frozen and thawed so many times that I knew I couldn't incorporate it well anymore. I just dumped it and was done with it!

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