Stickers never get old

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

These kids are always pulling out a piece of paper to draw on, paint on, cut, or cover with stickers when they need something to do. I have an endless supply of paper and craft supplies, so it works out well. I especially love how Olivia will go in the dining room and start creating something on her own, and she'll sit there in her own little world for a long time, so quiet that I forget she's even there.

This day Noah was over for the afternoon, and I just couldn't get the kids to stop fighting, so I called them downstairs, pulled out a bunch of stickers (and coloring books) and let them go to town. And no, I don't spend a fortune on stickers--most of these are from the dollar store and the WalMart birthday section.

Ahhh, peace and quiet.



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