Thursday, September 6, 2012

1. I started War and Peace!! It's been on my list for years.
2. Bringing veggies in from the garden.
3. Oven fried chicken in process.
4. Olivia getting cozy in the morning.
5. The kids playing nicely--makes my heart happy.
6. Tried out a new recipe, and it's a keeper.
7. Adele hanging out at the her stroller.
8. Mila having herself a good time.
9. A shot of dinner.
10. Mixing up another batch of muffins.
11. We got our new trampoline set up and the fun begins!
12. Sushi-making party at my cousin's house. Mm mm mm.



Natalia K said...

Did you ever finish War and Peace?

Tanya M said...

Finish??! It's over a thousand pages long, But I AM over 200 pages in. It's actually really slow reading because it's full of names and dates and references to previous things, so you really have to concentrate--I thought I would have read more by now. It's not the easiest read, but it will be fun to get into the story for months and months, like a TV show that never ends. :)

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